Tuesday, December 22, 2009


We never realized that it was over a year ago when we first started the "Isabela Awaits You" project, after a brief meeting with Rev. Fr. Angel Luga at Col. Mateo Luga's place. It was in September 2008 when we started the project Isabela Awaits You with Fr. Angel Luga. What was then a simple project now claims its place at the first spot in google search engine when you search for St. Mathias, Tumauini, churches and shrines in Isabela. St. Mathias Church in Tumauini its history is now in the forefront of google search engine when you look for the Church and the place.

This was how our project begun. We have not acquired a 3ccd camera then and we were just converting from VCD to DVD format, unlike today with our upgraded top of the line equipment. Yet we are proud that the Tumauinians and the Ibanag started the Cyber Revolt it was sad, however, that Fr. Luga have to relinquished his post as the Superintendent of the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Ilagan due to his heavy workload. Cauayan with roughly 115,000 residents, 85% of which are Roman Catholics, only have a Parish Priest in Our Lady of the Pillar Parish. Mariesu Antonio, is now with the present Superintendent of Diocesan Schools. We appreciated her help in our first mission. Meanwhile, Rev. Fr. Luga remains with his Parishioners at Our Lady of the Pillar in Cauayan, Isabela, now concentrating on building Chapels for each Barangay, which we shall be presenting as we progress in this newly constructed site. This was how it begun (our first experiment):

(Pardon us for typographical errors, as the above production was hastily made and the editors then were not fully familiar with the places).

Lately, we returned to Isabela to document the chapels which were already constructed by Our Lady of the Pillar Parish, in Cauayan City, which we shall be featuring soon. It's a documentary.

On our second mission, we have to fulfill our promise to a woman (just like our promise when we were in Legaspi City), to see her mother, who resides in Tumauini and to the Tumauinians in U.S. and Canada, who this woman represents. I am referring to no other than, Mila Samonte Opseth of Tumauini.com. Merry Christmas!
Fr. Angel Luga celebrating Mass at Our Lady of the Pillar Parish, during the lighting of the candle, which symbolizes the start of the Misa de Gallo, the Simbang Gabi.Fr. Florman Cabauatan, the Parish Priest of St. Matthias Church in Tumauini, with Eng'r. Tony Luga of the Malappo Nga Ibanag Cooperative. I was told that the lady in yellow is also a relative. Fr. Cabauatan was the former Chaplain of the Philippine Military Academy at the time when Col. Alan Luga was still in the Academy. Caught on camera was Mrs. Samonte, the mother of Mila Samonte Opseth of Tumauini.com, we never thought of meeting Mila's sister instead of her Mother, to whom we partly dedicate this production.
Above pictures: Eng'r. Tony Luga, his brothers and sister and their family (The family of Rev. Fr. Angel Luga); and, a wedding between a bride (also a relative of the Lugas) from Ugad, Tumauini and the groom, who hails at Cauayan City.
Above pictures: The members of Our lady of the Pillar Parish Choir, Cauayan City; and, the Altar Boys, don't you know that the one who organized the Knights of the Altar at Baguio Cathedral was from Isabela? We were told by the children at Baguio Cathedral. Unluckily, we did not get his name, but we were told that he went back to Isabela.

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